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  • Ordering   ( 11 Articles )
    In this category we present most frequently asked questions about our ordering process. Everything from actual steps one takes to order a system online to the shipment of your order. Order cancellation, turnaround times and security.
  • Shipping and Delivery   ( 10 Articles )
    Questions about shipping and delivery. Everything from shipping accidents to order tracking and destinations we deliver to.
  • Returns   ( 8 Articles )
    Everything you may want to know about our RMA process and conditions. RMA center location and shipping terms.
  • Warranty   ( 2 Articles )
    Warranty coverage information. Here we answer questions concerning exact conditions of our general and extended warranty. Find out how to use your warranty to request a repair.
  • Payments   ( 3 Articles )
    Payment options our site is currently offering, payment processing and sales tax information.
  • Customer Support   ( 4 Articles )
    General questions about our customer support procedures.
  • Why BuyDirectPC?   ( 7 Articles )
    Basically, here you'll find out why you should stick with us
  • Other Information   ( 3 Articles )
    All uncategorized questions like our location and price-match policy.
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