Jean D.
Thursday, 08 January 2009 19:10

" I am quite happy with my PC! The PC is very quiet, and the case is very impressive with the 7 fans in the box!!!!!!! "

"Vista Experience: Basically, I do not like Vista…. Even on this high end PC, it looks slow …. What a pain to work with…. With these pop-ups all over the place, until I find out how to turn them off. A lot of things that were easy to do in XP seems much harder to do with Vista. In fact, just finding the same functions is harder. I installed Office 2007, and this is the same experience. I hope it is much easier for new user, but for me this reduce my productivity by at least 50% initially. Now, I am OK, but I am thinking of going back to XP and office 2003. Vista is like taking XP and adding so many useless bell and whistle that it start to look like a very distracting toy…. "

"Gaming Experience: Crysis is really fun to play on this machine!!!!!! My son says it’s unfair that I have a gaming machine…. And he has a slower PC!!! I was surprised to see how much the QUAD core speed is important for the games performance. I was expecting that most of the high-end games experience was coming from the Video card, so I was surprised to monitor the quad-core when I play the game, and see some of the core running at 50-60% CPU Busy. "

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