Arley M.
Thursday, 08 January 2009 19:09

"I am a Graphic Designer / Multimedia Developer (and a gamer on the side). I needed a new computer that can perform well while multitasking. That’s why in May of this year I purchased my first computer from BuyDirectPC – I absolutely love it! I started dreaming about this machine three years ago, and it’s finally here! Your site is an amazing tool that gave me the exact level of customization that I want – everything technical was explained, nothing too simplified like some of your competitor sites. I love that I could customize it right down to the fans.The machine itself performs wonderfully! It’s fast, robust and it looks incredible. It really impresses everyone who sees it and uses it.

The thing that REALLY makes a loyal customer is the service I received. I would like to highlight this in three ways:

- After I bought my computer (and you had my money) I got a call explaining that your supplier had updated their list and that for what I paid for a video card I could get a better card for the same price now. You didn’t have to do this – it was above and beyond. It shows me that yours isn’t a quest to be just a retailer – I got the sense that you people love computers and making them the best possible.

- Six weeks after setting my computer up a Windows Update degraded my RAID. I received thorough walk through over the phone and email from a tech expert - who even stayed late to help me fix my machine. Again this was above and beyond.

- In the course of setting up my machine I spoke several times with an employee named Ivan. This young man’s demeanor, character, and professionalism made him a pleasure to deal with. He is very caring, understanding and interesting – and not to mention he is a very skilled expert in software and hardware. When trying to decide on some options for my system he had excellent resources to help me compare the products I was interested in. This guy deserves a medal and a raise!

Thank you BuyDirectPC.

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