The fastest modern desktop processor Core i7 – 980X costs $1000 and only a few can afford buying it. Key feature of this model is the availability of six physical cores.
AMD, Inc. tried to prepare its version of CPU with the same characteristics for a long time. The way chosen by the company drastically differs from the one Intel went.
Phenom II X6 (Thuban) is the line of average level products costing from $200 to $300.

Even today models 1055T and 1090Т are available for all comers: there’s no deficit in the market. What are they like and  do consumers need six cores? We'll try to answer these questions in this article.

Characteristics and Iinnovations.

The superior among mentioned processors, Phenom || X6 1090T, functions at frequency 3.2 GHz. The inferior, 1055Т, - at 2.8 GHz. However, this is in the standard mode with an intensive multithreaded loading. AMD implemented Turbo CORE technology into their product– some kind of a response to Intel Turbo Boost. Though they function differently. Thus, CPU Phenom || X6 increases frequency to 400 GHz on condition that  three or less cores are loaded. To guarantee function stability voltage being raised automatically. This kind of realization does not seem to be complicated, however, result – that is the main thing for user. Phenom II X6 1090T functioning in Turbo CORE mode works at ultimate frequency of 3.6 thus being the fastest AMD CPU (Phenom II X4 965 functions at 3.4 GHz, though it deprived of “doping”).

Speaking of architecture there is no difference comparing to the previous models. Created under 45-nanometer technology the chips are placed into 1250 watt TDP. Monolith six core crystal is relatively cheap in production that allowed establishing quite an admissible price.
One nice bonus – full compatibility with Socket AM2+ and AM3 boards.

Testing and Conclusions.

Some words about the acceleration for starters. Thuban potential does not differ very much from its predecessors: CPU functions stably at 3.6–3.8 GHz without the voltage raise and can even reach 4 GHz at the same rate.
We have conducted a comparative performance research of the existing Phenom || X6 models.

As shown in practice at equal frequencies Thuban processors are still inferior to Intel (that is not strange since AMD applies К10.5 micro architecture). It is interesting but in multithread tasks four cored Core i7 (LGA1366) with Hyper Threading leaves behind six cored Phenom.

However, AMD makes things still quite promising: very competent pricing and precise model positioning allows us to hope for a large interest of affordable six cores. For example, 1055Т seems to be much more attractive than its direct pricing competitor – Core i5-750. If talking about 1090Т in the standard mode thanks to the higher frequency it can challenge Core i7-930. Price difference with Phenom II X4 is slight but increased performance in multithreaded tasks exists. Though if you do not perform such tasks very often on your PC think of reasonability of widening the processor potential


Following Intel's "tick-tock" methodology of introducing new processor generation architecture every two years and then refining it the next year, Intel's Core i7 (also known as Nehalem) is the first bearer of brand-new architecture introduced by Intel in November of 2008. This means that new features and performance levels physically impossible for previous generation chips are now within your reach. But aside from the regular marketing hype, what tangible benefits does the new Core i7's bring to you? Read on to get the facts about whether the new computing platform is right for you!

AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4850 introduced

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Features & Benefits

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